Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to install?

Our install team cuts, polishes, fabricates the stone and assembles the cabinets at your home. It usually only takes a day.

2. Do y'all charge for estimates, measurements and quotes?


3. What should I have ready before install day?

Make sure all electrical, plumbing and demolition work is completed before the install date.

4. Do y'all do custom cabinets?

No, all of our cabinets are pre-fabricated, pre-made and only come in the color in which you see them in our showroom.

5. Do y'all sell tiles?

We do not currently sell or install tiles.

6. What is the difference between 2cm & 3cm?

2cm is our thinner, pre-fabricated granite slabs that come in 8ft or 9ft pieces. 3cm is thicker and needs to be fabricated and polished before installation and is more expensive per sq. ft.

7. Which is better, granite, quartz or marble?

Granite is an all natural stone that doesn't scratch easily but still needs monthly maintenance. Quartz does not need maintenance, it is a man-made stone and is the strongest kind we carry. Marble scratches rather easily.

8. Do y'all do custom cabinets?

No, we do not provide custom cabinets. Our all-wood cabinets are pre-made.

9. What's the cheapest granite? 

Bainbrook brown starts at $20 per sq. ft.